What does "Stoke the Stoke" mean?

Our mantra plays on the dual meaning of the word "stoke"...

You know how you "stoke" a fire to get it started? Stoke can mean "to fuel" or "to encourage".

And if you've ever heard someone say "I'm stoked!" you know it means they're excited.

So, we live by the slogan "Stoke the Stoke"... fuel the exhiliration.


Sun Love Surf Club was born in 2023 when a few friends wanted to immortalize their love for Summer with the dopest clothing brand around. SLSC's slogan is "Stoke the Stoke." That just means "make the most of every moment." And although it's a simple message, it's what we live by.

The anticipation for Summer defined our youth. Nothing ever compared to the pool parties at home, surf trips to the shore, the barbeques, and the adventures to places we'd never heard of before.

We often pay homage to our favorite shore towns in our pieces, especially Wildwood, NJ as our home base. We're massively inspired by surfing's rich history and thriving culture, and are beyond proud to be a part of it.

As Philly natives who spend our Summers along the Jersey shore, we set off on the journey of embodying our message through sustainably sourced and manufactured clothing. While most of the fashion industry is busy killing our planet, we donate $1 for every sale to remove nearly 2 pounds worth of plastic from our oceans.

Now what are you waiting for? Check out the store and find something you like. Follow us on our socials @sunlovesurfclub to stay updated all things Sun Love.